Adding additional Git remote for your rails code

In a previous example I showed how I was able to get my code easily deployed out to heroku. But the problem that remains is that this is the deployment destination of your web app, and not the actual source repository.

I took a look a github, but hated the fact that my code would be public unless I got into a paid plan. Normally, this wouldn’t matter, but the fact that this is a small app that I’d one day like to charge money for took github out of the running for me. so….i went back to my ole friend unfuddle.

I quickly setup a git repo with them and ran into several problems when trying to set my unfuddle repo as my remote for git. Then I found a link in unfuddle that under Repositories > [Name of my repository] that gave me a very specific 1 page tutorial on setting up my environment to work with unfuddle. Prior to this I copied my local ssh public key into my settings in unfuddle…and two minutes later I’m up and running.

(By the way, I’m using this spectacular book to learn about RoR, freely available here)


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