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An email I received today.

I seriously just received this email from a dba at work today.


I’m sure that a lot of you know that reading one or more large dataset(s) returned from the SQL Server and generating HTML line-by-line to display the items on the web page is terribly slow. Several years ago, I developed a set of stored procedures which – to my knowledge – are still not in general use today… and that is a shame. Let me be clear: Calling the stored procedures I wrote to write HTML for you will speed up your web pages… in some cases (e.g. parsing thousands of lines to display on the web page) by a factor of 10 or more because generating the HTML on the SQL Server side results in *many* less rows being returned to the ASP on top of the fact that the ASP doesn’t have to cycle through those lines adding the tags (e.g. “” or “…“).

When displaying the page for Allina, for example, the result set being returned to the web page goes from 25339 rows of raw data that the ASP must process one line at a time down to 811 lines of pre-generated HTML code; this is a 97% reduction in the number of rows returned. PLUS – this is on top of the fact that the HTML has already been generated and all the ASP has to do is paste it into the page being displayed.

If you would like assistance converting your web pages over to using these stored procedures, or for more details, please contact me.